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Posters judo KU.

Posters JUDO - KU.Judo techniques.Ne-waza. Nage-waza.

Posters judo KU.

Judo techniques.Ne-waza. Nage-waza.

We offer you 18 posters on judo. Each poster matches the color of a belt. Size of the posters A5,A4 and A2. Technique of judo.On the website 94 goods on a subject fight of sambo and judo are presented. You can get acquainted with them having chosen a certain category.

Judo. Sambo. DVD. Posters. Here, in front of you a products of Kallista company. We create an educational DVD’s about Sambo and Judo wrestling. There is a wide range of movies such as the lessons, competitions and seminars. All the products are always available. The main content of the movies is a training material for sportsmen and coaches.

Judo posters. 120 technical actions.

In this category there are 18 posters on the certification requirements for judo. All posters were updated by the Russian Judo Federation in 2014. Posters show technical actions for attestation taken on the territory of Russia for the following belts:

White belt6 KU1 poster.8 technical actions
Yellow belt5 KU 3 posters. 19 technical actions
Orange belt4 KU3 posters.22 technical actions
Green belt3 KU4 posters.28 technical actions
Blue belt2 KU4 posters. 31 technical actions
Brown belt1 KU2 posters.12 technical actions
Brown belt1 KU1 poster.6 forbidden technical actions

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Format А4, А5 is packed into a file folder.

Posters JUDO - KU.Judo techniques.Ne-waza. Nage-waza.

KALLISTAFILM 2018 Posters judo KU.
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